June 13, 2010

I just wish I cared less about what others say or think of me. But I don’t know how many times I’ve said to myself that I won’t listen to anything they say. And every time I fail miserably and it goes back to square one again. I hate putting emotions into words. I really can’t. No wonder why I try to speak with my photos instead.

2 Responses to “136”

  1. niki Says:

    man ska inte bry sig om vad andra tycker och säger, för innerst inne är människan egoist, innerst inne vill vi inte andra väl, andra som det går bra för, vi är avundsjuka varelser av naturen,

    vi tar hand om oss själva i första hand och det ska ju du också göra :) och BARA ha underbara människor runt omkring dig,

    du är more than just fine så skit rent ut sagt i vad andra säger xD (om jag hade brytt mig om vad min mamma hade sagt, mina vänner… så hade jag inte haft mina fiiina kläder^^)

  2. Sandscreen Says:

    That suck but Jos everytime you show your work everytime you take care on what we think about you and your world! You know that you are a good photographer but you love too much the photography to don’t care the comments:it’s really not a future job for you, it’s a passion! My best friend from when i was “Ticul” (little ass:a kind of young boy) always was passionated by the drawing. Several years after they first pencil touch he made his first movie with Dreamworks( prince of egypt). After that he made a lot of other movie with Spielberg and when he feel that all he made was a “job” where everybody make always some comment(good or bad) he leave Dreamworks and start they own production house: He don’t make full $ right now, and he don’t be anymore on the spot of the movie universe but now it’s happy to make they own things:drawing and don’t take care anymore of all the comments people can think. I feel you like him sometimes : use the photography as a passion, a pain a pure extension of your life as another finger(11 fingers…a little bit weir). I know that for one bad comment we need a 1000000 of good thoughts to forget him but be sure that we …. I… always beside you to feel your work even if i don’t know about technical stuff or make up…. You make me dream and make my eyes made a kind of “clinc”(i don’t know how explain it more like that!) and anytime this thing happen and anytime i’m sure that you are on the right! (sorry to be so long….but write it’s my addiction!:P)

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