June 21, 2010

All your comments really makes me curious about you guys reading my blog!
Would be very fun if you could leave a comment who you are and maybe link to your blog. ^^

32 Responses to “143”

  1. sororicida Says:

    I just love your photos, so when I found you had a blog and that you upload pictures here I just had to folow you here (too… 8D)

    I’m sororicida on bdb and sororicda on DA 8DD Maybe not really a blog but yeah 8D

    • Bloddroppe Says:

      Very glad you follow my blog! :D
      Nice you’re into cosplay, always wanted to dress up like some character but never had the chance or time to make it come true. xD

      • sororicida Says:

        Haha, You should~! Would love to see the result! :D

        It doesn’t has to be someone difficult the first one you do 8D Start simple ;D

  2. Sandy Says:

    Mwäk. Jag är a big fan of yours, helt enkelt. Älskar foto och så vidare, och du är ju grym, så varför inte. Plus att du verkar vara en bra person, hur mycket sådant nu går att avgöra via internet. Ödmjuk och schysst, typ.

    • Bloddroppe Says:

      Jag tackar och bugar! Verkligen jättekul att du gillar mina foton. ^^

      jo,då. ärlighet varar längst, så det är väl det jag eftersträvar :>

  3. Nichelle Says:

    Comment? Haha here’s my blog : javertimeart.blogspot.com

    I’ve been loving your work for the past 3 years. You’re amazing, and talented.

  4. Itz Says:

    Mexican, Learning about photography and hoping for improvement every day (:

  5. Egle Says:

    Well, your photos are gorgeous, so as you. And you have a lot of great ideas, thoughts. How
    I can not read your blog? :)
    I’m Egle. I have deviantart: mellicida.deviantart.com

  6. niki Says:

    I’m following ^^ ofc!

  7. Sanna Says:

    Har följt din bdb sen ganska långt tillbaka och började nog följa din blogg när jag sökte till Gamleby i år(är femte reserv). Alltid roligt att se när du laddat upp något nytt! :)

    Hade tänkt länka bloggen men jag är en extremt dålig bloggare(står fortfarande att jag är 19 år på min info och jag är 21 nu, skvallrar lite om hur bra jag är på att uppdatera…). Äsch slänger in blogglänken ändå: http://ettlividimman.blogspot.com/

  8. isaru Says:

    Hi! I love all your works, you improved a lot. I follow your blog because of all the pic you don’t upload in DA or Flickr.
    This is my web: sarasmunilla.com
    and my blog: sarasmunilla.wordpress.com
    Oh, btw, I’m glad your vampires don’t sparkle.

    • Bloddroppe Says:

      I am very glad you like my work and been following through my process! :)
      It feels nice that I can post more personal shots here and that people like following them so ^^

      you have some nice photos yourself! :>
      haha, yeah me too xD

  9. Rania Says:

    I’ve been following you on DA for years and we have a common friend so that’s how I ended up following your blog. I’m a Greek in love with photography and your country.

  10. forestwhisper Says:

    I’ve been following you on dA for quite some time from my profile “Ulenia”(incase you were wondering). I really admire your work, and i love this blog cause it seems like it’s more personal here than on dA , with the “behind scenes” shooting , your personal comments and so :) You’re really a great inspiration to so many people, including myself :)

    • Bloddroppe Says:

      It sure feels better submitting and writing about things here than on deviantart, as you say, it’s more personal. :) So I am very glad you follow my blog!

      thank you hun, means a lot! <3

  11. Rita Says:

    I’m Rita, I’m portuguese, I loooove photography and I must confess I’ve been following your work for years and I’ve been a fan of your photography since the first time I saw it. ^^
    I could stare at your photos for hours! And it’s pleasing to follow your improvement
    Here’s my blog: http://madeofillusion.blogspot.com/

  12. Bloddroppe Says:

    Aww ^^
    I really appreciate it! Glad you follow my work.
    The playhouse is a very nice series, cute style and fun colours! :)

  13. Marina Says:

    Hi Josefine! Wow, I ain’t belive that I’m writing for you. I’ve been following your work on DA for some years, and since the beginning I just fell in love with your nice job! My name is Marina, I’m Brazilian and like to read and learn about photography, but I don’t put in practice. I always wanted to talk with you, but never had a chance, and I’m glad now for this one. I love so much your photos, I’m a fan of them. Unfortunately I deleted my blog some time ago, so I have no link to send. It’s great to see your growth as a photographer. So… If I go on with my words, I write a book! Hahaha… You’re wonderful, keep making this amazing work and keep talking through your photos. Thank you for the chance to talk to you, I would never have the courage. (Sorry about my english, if I wrote it wrong.)

    • Bloddroppe Says:

      Hello Marina!
      That means a lot to me and it’s very fun that you’ve been following my work. :)
      Write or ask anything whenever you want to, I am always up for a chat! Sad about the blog, but hey, maybe you get another one soon. ^^
      thanks a lot! Take care :)

  14. Marshmallau Says:

    Hi ! I’m Laurianne and I’ve been following you on DA for 1 ou two years now (~leiko0punk). I absolutely LOVE your work and it’s always a pleasure to read your blog :)

  15. Sandscreen Says:

    Me: Houston we have a problem!
    ME:the girl right here want my blog
    Me:She yet me know
    NASA:Ok! We have a problem!

    My name is N-ri aka Sylas or sandscreen and i follow you from the last 16 month as a Ceral Killer! and you can find me on the same place at the other days on http://www.sandscreen.deviantart.com
    I’m obsessed and compulsive with your art and dream to be reincarnated on you next camera!:P

  16. Karolina Says:

    Hi, I’m Karolina and I’m an almost 24 year old wannabe photographer from Poland. I took up photography almost a year ago and it started as an adventure, but now I hope to turn that hobby into something more serious. If everything goes well, I might be able to make a living out of photography :)

    I found your blog through deviantArt this year and I will most definately stay here for some time ;) I enjoy dropping by from time to time to check what’s new. I think you are very talented and I wish you all the best!

    If you want to take a look at my photos, here’s a link to my blog: http://lamparto.blogspot.com/

    Take care!

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