October 24, 2010

Photo and retouch by Robert. <3

Make up and hair by myself. ^^

12 Responses to “313”

  1. Tim Says:

    Three little letters


  2. niki Says:

    mkt vackert ^^ nästa bokomslag? ;D

  3. Ralooq Says:

    you’re so pretty :)

  4. Shade Says:

    Oh my, you look absolutely gorgeous. Your bra/corset is so beautiful.

  5. Marcus Adams Says:

    Great light, especially the shadows and highlights across the neck and chest. The light draws me to the face, but the lines draw me down to enjoy the necklace and the violet lingerie.

  6. Marina Says:

    You look so diferent! You have changed a lot and are beautiful. Amazing portrait, Congratulations!

  7. N-Ri Says:

    you probably don’t know this french movie but at the first sight you remind me the “Avalon corporation” of the “Renaissance” (rebirth): here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGs3eXvob3Q .
    But as always you can’t make a good “retouch” if the original would be not good enough!:)

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