January 6, 2011

Sorry for the bad update. I’ve been with friends and family very much these days. And tomorrow, or actually today, I will go to Robert. :) Will stay there for some days and then it is time for us to move in into our new apartment in Stockholm. Never been such a big fan of Stockholm, but I guess I will learn to like it the longer we stay. :) It will be amazing though, I can imagine, just staying with Robert is.

Anyhow, just started my other computer I have at home with my parents and found some old photos I have taken, quite fun!

Taken back in the beginning of 2009, I think. I still like it though. :>

Modelling was Naturbarnet and make up: Linda Jönsson

4 Responses to “389”

  1. Marina C Says:

    Oh! How I miss your updates! Happy new year (late) best wishes for you!

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