January 24, 2011

Well, I am back! Or…came back two days ago.
Last Wednesday was amazing, Robert and I went to the UK, my first time, Robert’s second. It has been about ten years ago I flew somewhere, so yes, it was nice to leave Sweden for a while. I will not bore you with too much vacation shots, don’t worry!

After arriving at the hotel and walking in the city, we walked around in Hyde park where we saw two parrots. Haha, weird, but very cute ones! They were sitting in the trees (we even saw four or five the next day).

Well…what can I say more than I loved Hyde park… weird, eh?

The squirrels were so cute!

On Thursday it was time for the book launch of Entangled! I sure was nervous but very excited too. :)

This is how I looked for the evening. Found this lovely dress at a store walking down Piccadilly Circus. Loved the store, many lovely corsets and pin-up dresses.

Haha, while at the launch I saw these little precious cupcakes with my face on them! People were literally eating my face! (they were yummy..btw!)

I will upload more shots later when I get them, these I got from Cat :)

17 Responses to “395”

  1. Kapten Kolja Says:

    Jag älskar ditt skratt : >
    Men fan vad skumt att folk kalasar på ditt huvud xD Har alltid tyckt att såna fotokakor är sjukt skumma.

  2. Iffath Says:

    Wow, Josefine, it’s so awesome that you got the chance to come to England to be at Cat’s launch party! I’m now incredibly jealous I couldn’t make it to meet both Cat AND you!

    Hope you had a great time! And I agree those cupcakes are gorgeous..it’s so weird that people were eating your face. LOL!

  3. Lea Says:

    JOSIMOS. Detta inlägget var topp fem från din blogg XD
    Cupcakesen och ekorrarna. HAHA jag vill dö lite..

  4. faythrose Says:

    The squirrels here terrorize your houses and try to bite you :P Congrats on the release!

  5. Violeta Says:

    Everything looks amazing! Did people point at you because they saw the similarities with the book cover? I’m definitely excited to see more photos from your trip to the UK :]

    • haha, they took photos of me! XD of course me holding the book. haha.

      I don’t have plenty more interesting shots though, maybe two more or so ^^ I am waiting for the ones from the release

  6. itz Says:

    hyde park is so pretty! I miss england :c
    congratulations for the book cover!(:

    ps. that squirrel indeed was very cute! :>

  7. Cat Says:

    It was so great to meet you and Robert! Thanks so much for coming over. I look forward to seeing the rest of your London photos!


    • It was very fun, so thank you ^^

      I am reading the book and I really like it. I am not a book-person actually, but I can’t stop reading this one. You’ve succeeded, I’d say! :D

  8. Maja Says:

    Congratulations on the book launch :) Must have been fun to be at a thing like that, especially when your face was on the book and everything.. But wasn’t it really weird to think about how random people were eating your face? xD

    also.. Aww, cute squirrel! :D

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