February 13, 2011

I presume you guys who follow my blog enjoy my photography, therefore I am quite curious which photo(s) is/are your favourite(s)? :)

Some of my own favourites are:







23 Responses to “416”

  1. vn_vl_th_m Says:

    Personaly I would go with Heartbeat… I really enjoy the feminity you are able to capture, mixed with onirism and a little bit of darkness.

  2. Tim Kahane Says:

    You’ve got so many great shots but out of this bunch ‘Heartbeat’.

  3. Samantha Savlatore Says:

    I do enjoy all of your work but I agree with the others on this is bunch, ‘heartbeat’ has something about it that I really like.

  4. Leiko0punk Says:

    All your photos are truly amazing, but I think I like the Emina serie the most :3

  5. Nannie Says:

    Den på skäggdoppingen från Universeum och de senaste på Harriet, de som är så ljusa :)

  6. Ingrid Says:

    Heartbeat är min absoluta favorit! :)

  7. Lindsay Says:

    I’m not going to lie, of all your photos, your self-portraits are my favorite! Of these though, I like ‘heartbeat’ and the ones with Emina. All your photos are simply gorgeous though! :)

  8. My Says:

    Jag älskar _ida, men någon favorit kan jag nog inte välja.. ska dock bli än mer intressant att se vad du gör i framtiden! ^__^ You rocks! =D

  9. Bilden på Ida är otroligt bra … min favvo av de som var att välja på.


  10. julia :> Says:

    Cosette och heartbeat :>

  11. Delia Says:

    Fave is your self portrait, heartbeat. The first one is my least fave :P

  12. Jessel Says:

    always admire the self-portraits – and the images of Harriet are always admired as well — later days

  13. Marina C Says:

    Of all these, my favorite is “heartbeat”
    The field, the cloud and wind, are perfect. Remembered me a quite of your old style that I like a lot!
    “Ida” is amazing too…

  14. Daphne Says:

    Personally I’d have to say heartbeat. I have a thing for red hair! 8DD

    And I love Harriet’s photo on the left. Love that string-black-thing she’s wearing around her hand

  15. I. Says:

    My favourite black and whites from you are Emina, Dark and Light and Jonatan. Other than these, I love Autumn Sleep, Twilight Omens, Blood Red, Gordana.

    It was a hard choice, though. :)

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