February 16, 2011


Model: Harriet Arnberg
photo and retouch: myself
Light and directors: Robert Purvins and Isabelle Alsén (also did the make-up).

I took some images from this shoot also, and found them for some days ago. Wanted to retouch it because I am trying to build a retouch portfolio. Harriet went to Gamleby for a shoot, we two were going to shoot with some feather theme, but it kind of ended up with a collaboration between Robert, Isabelle and me. So therefore I won’t take too much credit for the idea or the settings in the image more than the image itself and the retouch. :)

4 Responses to “417”

  1. Pelleron Says:

    Photo looks amazing! I like how “fragile” Harriet can look on photos.
    If it´s for retouching portfolio you may consider to show before and after image. I´d love to see it :)

  2. nina ax Says:

    Wow. Du är en riktigt bra fotograf. Vilken fantastisk bild.
    Jag hittade dig via Harriet.

    Mvh Nina

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