February 24, 2011

Thursday’s feature is taken by

June Åsheim

Skin and bones

Visit her blog: http://juneaasheim.wordpress.com/

I really like how everything is white and clean. And by holding the skull in front of the face makes it looks like an odd creature rather than a human being. Great one!


Thanks for all your wonderful photos!
I will be posting two tomorrow, and

on Monday I will be posting three.

10 Responses to “425”

  1. June Åsheim Says:

    Thank you so much for choosing my photo, means a lot! :)

  2. […] asked her readers to send in their photos, so that she could choose a few to feature on her blog. Today she choose mine! I’m so […]

  3. vn_vl_th_m Says:

    Nice, I like the fact it looks like a classical drawing.

    PS : dear JJ, did you realize that now many people are going to feel resentful they have’nt been selected :—)

  4. Violeta Says:

    wow so simple and clean o.O amazing!

  5. vn_vl_th_m Says:

    Oh nevermind, she’s such a cool photographer, I’m happy I discovered her blog :-)

  6. I love it! June Åsheim is a really great og creative photographer.

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