My favourites 2012

January 16, 2013

Thought I could share my personal favourites from 2012. :) here they are:

image_t6 (1)

Model: Elle Frostegard
Styling and clothes: Elle Frostegard Clothing
MUAH: Briet Gudmundsdottir


Model: Elle Frostegard
Styling and clothes: Elle Frostegard Clothing
MUAH: Briet Gudmundsdottir 2baf9c381bb765c53f6844cfdb0abe8d-d5gxmcm

Model: Elegy Ellem

Model, idea and styling: Miss Loulou
Corset: Viola Lahger


Model: Tove Kjaerran
Mua: Colorfulmakeups

Model: Elegy Ellem
Outfit: Fables by Barrie

Model: Miss Loulou
Latex: Amatoris Latex

Model: Sister Sinister
Latex: Westward Bound

Model: Elegy Ellem


Model: Laura Bacaj
Muah and styling: Louise Stangl
a11635328f41016bba41ab46a22294a5-d5b6gaa d83b6189431e4867ca30ac28122f93d1-d5kryif

Model: Elle Frostegard
Styling and clothes: Elle Frostegard Clothing
MUAH: Briet Gudmundsdottir e638bfde8ebe83f719fe4c8f037d278b-d5icmtd

Model: Anna Brandberg
Muah: Ida Nilsson & Stephanie Slottberg
Clothes: Miss Candyfloss
Assistants: Andreas Nilsson and Johan Axelsson


Model: Tea Time
Latex: Maebelle Latex
Corset: Viola Lahger
Fascinator: Sarah Burchill
Wig: Navalith hair design


Model: Alexia P
Muah: Mariella Agnér
image_t6 (2)

Model and make up: Harriet Arnberg

image_t6 (3)

Model: Elegy Ellemimage_t6 (4)

Model: Elegy Ellem
Corset: Bizarre Design


Model: Sarah Eckardt
MUAH: Anja Prigoda

Model and make up: Starfucked
Latex: Maebelle Latex
d5bde78cb97432ab823c00abdbc54fcf-d5p3i38Model: Tea time
Bloomers: Vilicious clothing
corset: Viola lagher
hat: Sarah Wikholm


Model: sister Sinister
latex: westward bound

Model, make up and hair: Lenore caine
Latex: Maebelle latex
Hat: Imperial fiddlesticks emporium


model and styling: Tea Time

Hope you enjoy my work in 2012! <3

4 Responses to “My favourites 2012”

  1. IzaakMak Says:

    2012 was indeed a very good year! :D

  2. H. E. Lexus Says:

    Absolutely stunning… All of them. ;)

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