Prints of my work!

March 5, 2013


Yes! I am finally selling prints over a store. ♥

This one and many more are available now!
And because I’ve reached 14,000 likes here I will have a discount on the images for a month. (!)

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Here is some information about the different papers you can choose from:

bulletCanvas Print 

This non-reflective paper type is a material not far from a traditional canvas used in an oil painting. This type of paper is water and fade resistant and delivers superior color and tones. This flexible paper type is ideal for stretching and framing and is durable enough to not crack or tear. It is the best choice for an oil painting style reproduction

bulletWatercolor Paper
An archival paper with a natural smooth surface and has a very slight texture. It offers excellent image detail and resolution reproduction making it ideally suited for high-end fine art photography and art reproduction. Furthermore it provides one of the highest black optical density characteristics for a matte paper available today.

bulletMatte Print 
A slightly rough surface that reflects no spectacular amounts of light and has little to no luster. This paper gives good color depth while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. Matte paper is not vulnerable to being marred by fingerprints. It makes for an economical solution to a print but does not give the highest amount of color.

bulletGlossy Print 
A smooth and reflective surface designed to make printed images look sharp, vibrant and more like a traditional photograph and gives the most accurate portrayal of the original artworks’ color. They give the viewer an exquisite quality with higher contrast than matte paper.

bulletLuster Print
Also referred to as semi-glossy, this paper variety is the in between of Matte and Glossy and gives prints what many call “a real photo feel”. They give vivid color saturation and are easy to handle. It can be easily laminated to provide protection from light and moisture and reflects less light than glossy while not being a totally reflective surface.

Thanks a lot!
Hope you like them. Also, if you have any requests please write

love Josefine

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